Yoga Junction is an individualized yoga program.

Meet The Instructors

Laura Zeigler

Brion Trivers

Melissa Williams

Laura Zeigler is the contact instructor through Yoga Junction. Laura’s Aikido practice originally led her to yoga as a way to release muscle tension and deepen the breath. She is a graduate of Naropa University where she studied yoga, meditation, contemplative education and Sanskrit. As a preschool teacher for 11 years she always considered teaching her primary vocation. When her commitment to a regular yoga practice showed her that yoga is a life-changing tool, her desire to help others discover this drove her to turn her teaching skills toward yoga. Laura loves to teach yoga to both adults and children as a way to open up the body, mind and spirit to greater freedom, joy, and peace. Over the years, Laura has taught children and teenagers with developmental and physical disabilities.


The Yoga Junction, located on Main Street in Louisville, was established in 2011. Laura teaches private and group yoga classes to children, teenagers, and adults at the Yoga Junction studio. She will also be offering private in-home classes. Laura believes that yoga can help children with special needs in many ways, such as improving balance, mental focus, relaxation, coordination, and more.

 Classes Offered

Private and group classes are available. The classes are tailored to the participants’ goals and skill levels.

Parent-Tot class

Family Yoga class

Kids Yoga class

Teen Yoga Class

Look at descriptions of the Parent-Tot Class, Kids Yoga Class, and the Teens Yoga Class

Website and Contact Information

After completing the initial evaluation and receiving a recommendation for yoga classes, Contact Laura at any time to begin discussing how Yoga Junction can best support your child.


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