Swimming With Janet is an individualized swimming program.

Meet the Instructor

Janet McCabe is the owner of Swimming With Janet. She focuses on working with the needs of each individual student in a loving and supportive environment. By honoring each individual student, their learning style and developmental stage, she transfers her love of the water to my students. In the last 15 years, she has been teaching private and semi-private lessons in the Lafayette area. She teaches many children with special needs as well as learning disabilities, sensory processing disorders, sensitivities, fear of the water, chronic ear infections, breathing issues, physical disabilities, etc.

Classes Offered

All classes are private classes and are individualized to the child’s needs and abilities.


Janet McCabe currently teaches private lessons in the Lafayette area at both an indoor and outdoor pool. She started teaching swim lessons in 1964 and was an active swim team manager for multiple swim teams throughout the Boulder area. She has been recognized all over the world as an expert and pioneer of baby and preschool swim instruction. Janet has worked with children who are diagnosed with visual deficits, aural deficits, traumatic brain injuries, cerebral palsy, mental retardation, spina bifida, down syndrome, autism, aspergers syndrome, sensory processing disorder,  asthma, cleft palate, breathing deficits, and physical disabilities. She frequently collaborates with OTs and PTs in the area.

Website and Contact Information

Swimming With Janet

After completing the initial evaluation and receiving a recommendation for swimming classes, Contact Janet at any time to begin discussing how Swimming With Janet can best support your child.

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