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After completing the initial IFSN assessment, Contact Kari at any time to begin discussing how REEL Kids can best support your child. 


Kari Kraakevik bought an existing LLC in 2013, and transformed it.  The facility contains a stage area, a practice floor, and a computer and design room. is not just about acting classes—it’s lifeskills. It’s about learning how to be present and aware. REEL Kids focuses on being supportive and learning how to work with one another. Making each other better. Listening and answering. Cause and effect. This program is about moving people, and maybe above all else, it’s about having fun!

Classes Offered

Private and group classes available. The music lessons are private, whereas the theater and technology classes are group classes. Contact REEL Kids to ask about a theater, instrument, technology class with Kari Kraakevik or Kelly McAllister. The offered classes focus on different aspects of music composition, technology in music, and screenplay performance, theater production, and story writing. The performance classes introduce and teach singing and acting, improvising, play writing, fairytale writing. For musicians with sight-reading skills, a computer-based music class teaches how to compose music, enhance performances through technology, and learn the beginnings of audio recording.

Individual dance, piano, voice, guitar classes (all ages)

Private lessons are offered in the following disciplines: Piano, Saxophone, Voice, Guitar, Dance, Tap, Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Musical Theater, Acting, Monologues, Audition Prep, Scriptwriting, Screenwriting, Composition, Music Theory, Photoshop, Web or Video Editing, and Music Programming & Physical Computing, Acting, Directing, Scene Study, Reels, and Script analysis.

Music Theater Masters (ages 7-13)

Life’s more exciting when you can burst into song in a moment’s notice! Learn all about music theatre, its ever-­‐changing style, and discover gems of the repertoire you never knew you never knew. Through a Master Class format, you’ll workshop classic and modern scenes and songs ranging from Sweeney Todd, Sound of Music, West Side Story to Wicked. Classes will include large group numbers, duets, and solos.

Web Design (12-19)

Web Design is an introduction to the design, creation, and maintenance of web pages and websites. We will learn how to evaluate website quality artistically and critically and how to create and maintain web pages.  Basic photoshop skills will be explored, yet most of this class is project-based. We will progress from introductory work on web design to a large project in which students design and develop websites either for themselves, a factious character/person/band or a community organization. The product will be a culmination of what we learned and a tangible source of education and creativity.

Acting Improv (ages 7-15)

We will study the basics of improvisation, using Viola Spolin’s technique as our starting point. Emphasis will be on both short-­‐ and long-­‐form improv, both the absurd and the serious. Learn how to listen to your fellow actors, think on your feet, and make strong choices. Warning: this class is extremely fun and will make you unbearably hilarious.

Introduction to Music Technology (all ages)

The world of music as we know it has been fundamentally transformed by technology-­‐-­‐ technology has become the ink and paper of professional music. A composer, arranger, educator or performer while embarking on their career is expected to be fluent in notation software, computer-­‐based audio recording, and the fundamentals of sound reinforcement. In this class we will explore how technology and music can augment learning and provide an endless array of color and creativity. We will dive into several programs as simplistic as Garage Band, and complicated/advanced as Logic Studio. Basic Recording and sequencing will also be imperative to this class. Prerequisite: Ability to read music at the level of performance in middle school instrumental/vocal ensembles. Must also have basic operational computer skills using Macintosh or Windows computers (Instruction given using Macintosh)

Playwriting (all ages)

Learn the basics of playwriting from creating characters to planning plots! Through a mix of interactive exercises, students will write their own material and see it performed in class. The class culminates in a presentation of short scenes and plays, written by and for the students.

Create ­Your­ Own­ Fairytale (ages 7-13)

“Once upon a time…” there was an actor who took this class… and lived happily ever after! Are lost princesses, dragons, and charming princes more your thing? Or do you prefer modern takes on classics like Rose Red & Snow White? In this class, we will study the great fairy tales and -­‐ better yet -­‐ create our own!

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