These extracurricular programs have shown exceptional commitment to providing quality services to children, teenagers, and families in the special needs community. These instructors have additional experience working with children and teenagers of different disabilities and are ready to accept multiple participants!


Instructors for Special Needs has partnered with multiple programs throughout Boulder County to provide participants with a wide variety of extracurricular activities. The partner programs were chosen for their creative approach to teaching, their instructors, and their commitment to offering high quality classes. The instructors are enthusiastic about adapting their classes to fit the needs of every child and teenager.


For the Parent

After choosing a partner program and instructor, you will sign up your child for at least one session, which is four weeks of classes with the recommended partner program. After you complete the initial assessment, you can sign up for classes by contacting the recommended partner program directly. Once your child has started classes, your child’s instructor will answer questions throughout the session about his or her progress and also provide you with details about the class structure, payments, and availability. IFSN will be in direct contact with the instructors throughout each session. At the end of the four weeks, the IFSN OT will assess your child’s progress with you and the instructor to adjust and modify goals, environment, class structure, or activity as needed. This flexibility ensures that the classes continually adapt to your child each session as his or her skills and confidence increase.


Who We Recommend

Fast Lane Swimming

Piano Therapy


Skills 4 Life

Twin Oaks Farm Equine Therapy

Wildflower School of Voice

Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios


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