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Meet The Instructor

Nicholas Zaleski began his Parkour training in 2006 at Purdue University where he studied the complexities of human movement in the field of Kinesiology. As the months went on, he discovered a parallel between Parkour and life in persevering to overcome challenges. Whatever the problem and regardless of context, he chipped away piece by piece in search of the answer. This practice led to confident decision making which took him from novice practitioner to professional athlete. He competed and traveled with RedBull’s Art of Motion and connected with other devout athletes and friends from around the globe. Participating in these events gave him a deeper understanding of the energy and power movementNickNoah can produce.

Alongside teammates, he performed for an American Cancer Society event and NBA half-time show. They organized the “1000 Back-flips for Japan Relief” charity event using Parkour as an outreach method. His team acquired a diverse following of students, leading to a demand in formal instruction. He then co-founded the first Parkour club at Purdue University, followed by the only Parkour academy in the entire Midwest. As a teacher he valued breaking down the movements, from safety rolls to backflips into their constituent parts. He watched as his students advanced their practice, gaining confidence in themselves. Soon after, he and teammate Adam LaPlante made way for Boulder, Colorado to instruct and inspire the up-and-coming generations of Parkour practitioners.

In 2011, Nicholas co-founded the Youth Parkour Academy, Superhuman Movement, alongside teammate Adam LaPlante. Nicholas and Adam have made advancing the program their top priority. The academy has grown to include students from kindergarten through high school. During their years of instructing, they have worked with several hundred students, passing along their enthusiasm and love for movement. The program has become much more than teaching Parkour; through movement they educate and inspire local youth to become confident, responsible individuals in the gym and in the community.

After completing the initial IFSN assessment, Contact Nicholas at any time to begin discussing how Superhuman Movement can best support your child.


Superhuman Movement was co-founded by Nicholas Zaleski and Adam LaPlante in 2011. Through movement they educate and inspire local youth to become confident, responsible individuals in the gym and in the community. They utilize an approach that fosters creativity, perseverance, and self-awareness. As their students make progress and gain confidence, these lessons manifest themselves through schoolwork, social roles, and everyday decision making. Parkour is more than movement; it is a way of life.

Classes Offered

Their Parkour classes are designed for students K-12, divided among three levels:

Basics: Classes begin with the fundamentals, focusing on coordination, safety, and technique. Examples of learned movements include safety rolls, how to jump and land properly, learning how to fall to prevent injury, vaulting and climbing basics and much more.

Intermediate and Advanced: As students progress, these higher level courses are available to strengthen their interests. Examples of learned movements involve a multitude of vaulting technique, dissipating impact, executing precision landings, climbing, acrobatics, tricking, and much more.

Classes are held on Tuesday/Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings.

They also offer private lessons. This allows the instructor and student to work 1-on-1 for a personalized, undivided experience. This is an excellent route for those just getting started or looking to fine-tune their movement. Private lessons are available by appointment only. Please contact Nick for more information at [email protected]

For all other inquiries, please contact Superhuman Movement at [email protected]

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Superhuman Movement

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