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IFSN Description

IFSN recommends and provides support to children, teenagers, and young adults ages 2.5 years to 23 years in approved extracurricular programs and classes in the Front Range area of Colorado. With support from the IFSN occupational therapist, each extracurricular class is individualized, which means that each class has the ability to focus on a variety of skills depending on the needs of the pariticipant: fine motor, self-regulation, social, communication, sensory integration, visual motor, bilateral coordination, gross motor, balance, strength and endurance, attention, auditory processing, motor planning, organization, and crossing midline.

The IFSN occupational therapist attends the class once per month and consults with parents and instructors every one to three months to ensure that the participant develops the foundational skills and progresses further in the chosen extracurricular activity.

An initial assessment is conducted before the participant enters the program and then a progress assessment is conducted every three months to assess his or her progress and goals. The level of instruction is typically one-on-one when the participant first joins the program, with the goal of moving the participant to a group of two to three, and then to a larger inclusion group, and then to a typical class or team.


IFSN is used as a stepping stone for participants to progress their skills to an age appropriate level so that they can participate in a “typical” extracurricular class or engage in an activity confidently and/or independently. If a participant has difficulty participating in an extracurricular activity, including a private class, the IFSN OT is available to work with the participant to build his or her skills to a higher level of function through private or semi-private OT sessions. The OT sessions focus on developing these preliminary skills across multiple environments and include sessions that take place at the child’s extracurricular class.This could focus on crossing midline to kick a soccer ball, developing hand dominance in order to swing a tennis racquet, improving self regulation skills, and motor planning so that the child can participate in school sports or in an extracurricular activity.


IFSN encourages social skills and participation between participants through our Peers Together and Outside the Classroom services. Social interactions and peer relationships are recommended between participants based on their age, personality, and interests. This aspect of our program is an easy way for parents to support their child in initiating and maintaining social relationships.


Participants sign up for six-month sessions of our IFSN extracurricular program after a one-month trial period where they can opt out of the program at the end of one month.


IFSN encourages participants to learn a skill and participate in an activity

1. IFSN places participants into the best fitting extracurricular program.

2. IFSN provides support and adaptations to promote the development of preliminary and functional skills as well as increased independence in an extracurricular activity.

3. IFSN recommends partnered social experiences to improve social and communication skills.

IFSN Services

Extracurricular Activity Support

– Consultation services with the IFSN occupational therapist, extracurricular instructor, and parent

– Guided classes in which the occupational therapist observes, assesses, adapts, and updates all aspects of the client’s class


Social Support

Peers Together:

– The IFSN team matches IFSN participants with other participants and neuro-typical peers to form small groups to participate in an extracurricular activity

Outside the Classroom:

– IFSN parent advisor connects parents of IFSN participants with other participants and neuro-typical peers to increase social opportunities and relationships in the community


The IFSN program includes two different social services, the Peers Together and Outside the Classroom programs. The most integral part of IFSN is our consultation services. Our consultation services include progress reports and re-assessments every three months as well as guided classes. Guided classes are a key component of the program because these classes provide important and often necessary support to the client. In a guided class, the IFSN occupational therapist observes, assesses, and implements adaptive strategies to improve the class environment and instruction for the client. Guided classes are recommended every month, especially when the client initially starts a class to ensure consistent progress, success, and individualized instruction. Consultation services and guided classes are the part of the IFSN program that allows for each extracurricular activity to be adapted, updated, and modified to the client’s needs on a regular basis.


Additional Occupational Therapy Services

The IFSN occupational therapist is a provider of Colorado Medicaid. You will be responsible for any deductible, co-payments and/or coinsurance as your plan indicates. Certain plans require authorization which must be obtained by your child’s primary care physician.  Authorization must be obtained prior to beginning of therapy sessions.

Additional weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly occupational therapy sessions/services offered by the IFSN occupational therapist are charged separately from the IFSN assessment cost and are considered to be additional from the consultation services.

Further Details

Who Participates

IFSN is offered to children, teenagers, and young adults with mild to severe disabilities between ages 2.5 to 23. The diagnoses include sensory processing disorder, learning disability, developmental delay, speech delay, receptive/expressive language disorders, ADD/ADHD, executive dysfunction, PTSD, autism and Aspergers, OCD, physical disabilities (including vision and auditory deficits), and other diagnoses like mental retardation, fetal alcohol syndrome, fragile x syndrome, cerebral palsy, etc. The amount of support a participant receives through IFSN depends on his or her skills, needs, and goals.

For additional occupational therapy services, IFSN Occupational Therapy serves children and teenagers who are developing the preliminary skills they need to participate in private or group extracurricular classes.

Who Benefits From This Program

Children and teenagers who need to develop their preliminary skills in order to participate in a “typical” group class. Your child would progress in this program if he or she responds well to one-on-one instruction and individualized adaptations that progress their skills at their own rate.


Summary For Parents

By enrolling in the IFSN program, your child is on his or her way to developing essential functional skills. With the consistent support of the parents, instructors, and the IFSN occupational therapist, your child will develop social skills, self regulation skills, and motor skills that are easily generalized to other classes and environments. If your child is not showing adequate progress in any of these areas throughout the four-week session, IFSN will make the necessary adjustments to ensure that your child develops these skills.

You are encouraged to contact our parent advisor with questions relating to our social services – Peers Together and Outside the Classroom, family routines, and extracurricular experiences. Our parent advisor tracks the ages, interests, and personalities of the program participants to suggest possible peer relationships for their children and teenagers enrolled in the program.

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