What Our Occupational Therapy Services Provide

On-the-Go Occupational Therapy Services are offered by the IFSN occupational therapists. The therapy is focused on bringing children into the outdoors to play and experience nature either privately or in a group. Functional goals will be addressed through these outings, but using a natural setting that the child may not be able to experience. The services are provided in multiple outdoor environments year-round where participants hike, bike, walk, ski, snow shoe, or play outdoor games. Participants have the opportunity to enroll in weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly occupational therapy services. If the participant chooses to do this, the participant pays per OT service.

Who Benefits From Occupational Therapy Services

Children who are not exposed to the outdoor environment and need assistance in developing any skill that is negatively impacting their success in school, at home, or in their extracurricular activities. This is a great way to encourage your child to experience the outdoors with support and developing his or her own love for playing outside!

Who Are the Occupational Therapists

Natalie C. McKechnie, OTR/L is the founder of IFSN. She has pediatric occupational therapy experience in different settings, including homes,IMG_9061schools, parks, farms, and private practices. Through these experience, she has learned the importance of developing a child’s skills using purposeful activities in relevant environments. Her pediatric occupational practice through IFSN focuses on teaching functional skills in different settings so that the client develops functional skills in the home, at school, and for extracurricular activities. These skills include motor planning to play on a playground, self regulation to play with peers, and bilateral coordination to catch a football. As the IFSN founder and occupational therapist, Natalie focuses on sensory processing, self regulation, crossing midline, bilateral coordination, and other preliminary skills needed to successfully and purposefully engage in extracurricular activities.

Natalie received a B.A. from Colby College in Music and Mathematical Science in 2004, a Masters of Music from University of Wisconsin in Piano Performance and Pedagogy in 2007, and a Masters of Science from Boston University in Occupational Therapy. While completing her music degree, Natalie became acutely aware of the upper extremity injuries suffered by many pianists. She decided to pursue occupational therapy with a concentration in hand therapy to serve this population because many pianists who became injured were unable to fully recover. However, throughout her ongoing piano teaching experience, Natalie realized that she could make more of a difference by teaching the special needs population. After completing her occupational therapy degree, she specialized in teaching piano to children and teenagers with special needs. In 2014, Natalie opened her own business called Piano Therapy.

Natalie grew up in Vermont ski racing competitively, figure skating, snowboarding, playing competitive tennis and field hockey, and playing recreational golf, soccer, softball, hockey, hiking, and playing the piano competitively. She has the experience to teach the foundational skills related to any of these activities, with the expertise to teach beginner to advanced piano students. Natalie coached ski racing and tennis for several years throughout college and has taught piano to children, teenagers, and adults since 2004. As an adventurer, sports enthusiast, and music lover, she understands the importance of developing foundational skills through different individual and group activities.






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