IFSN fees include the initial assessment, progress assessments, and guided classes.

The IFSN program includes Peers Together and Outside the Classroom.

Guided classes and assessment fees might be covered under some medical insurance policies.

The Services IFSN Provides

The Full IFSN Extracurricular Program

Our full extracurricular program includes different social aspects of the program, Peers Together and Outside the Classroom. An integral part of IFSN is our occupational therapy consultation services. Consultation services may be covered by insurance and charged as an occupational therapy service. These consultation services include progress reports and re-assessments every three months as well as guided classes. Guided classes are a key component of the program because these classes provide important and often necessary support to the client. In a guided class, the IFSN occupational therapist observes, assesses, and implements adaptive strategies to improve the class environment and instruction for the client. Guided classes are recommended every month, especially when the client initially starts a class to ensure consistent progress, success, and individualized instruction. Consultation services are an important part of the IFSN program because it allows for consistent adaptations and modifications of your child’s class. Using the IFSN model, your child will not only be able to successfully participate in the class, but he/she will also attain his/her established goals.

Participants have the option of signing up for two-month, three-month, or six-month sessions in our full IFSN program.

About the Peers Together and Outside the Classroom

Included in the price of the IFSN program is the Peer Program and Outside the Classroom. These programs are designed to provide social opportunities inside (Peer Program) and in varying free-play environments (Outside the Classroom).

Peers Together

This is an aspect of the IFSN program. The Peer Program is designed for participants who want to focus on developing social skills and relationships while participating in an extracurricular activity. This means that participants can attend classes with another participant or a neuro-typical peer. This is an optional program available to all IFSN participants.

Outside the Classroom

This is an adjunct IFSN program and is offered to participants and non-participants. If non-participants and participants are only looking for other peers (with and without disabilities) to socialize with in a free-play environment, they can join Outside the Classroom. This program connects parents who are interested in setting up additional social opportunities and/or play dates for their child. After our Parent Advisor connects parents, it is up to the parents to follow-through with establishing the social opportunities.

Additional Occupational Therapy Services

The IFSN occupational therapist is a provider of Colorado Medicaid. You will be responsible for any deductible, co-payments and/or coinsurance as your plan indicates. Certain plans require authorization which must be obtained by your child’s primary care physician.  Authorization must be obtained prior to beginning of therapy sessions.

Additional weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly occupational therapy sessions/services offered by the IFSN occupational therapist are charged separately from the IFSN assessment cost and are considered to be additional from the consultation services.


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