IFSN is a online-based service for parents of children, teenagers, and young adults with special needs.

We serve the Boulder County area and do not operate from one physical location.


Most communication between the IFSN coordinators and parents/participants is conducted via email and phone.

Most communication between IFSN and program partners/instructors is conducted at the partner program locations or via email and phone.


Evaluations/screenings are conducted in various locations, including parks, participants’ homes, and the owner’s piano therapy studio,
depending on the needs and interests of the child.

Contact IFSN

Founder: Natalie McKechnie, OTR/L

Phone Number: (720) 263-2504

Email: [email protected]

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Contact IFSN Parent Advisor

Parent Advisor: Cherie Eickmann

Email: [email protected]


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