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Southern Utah native Mary Susan Stults has been practicing yoga for 16 years, since she was a young teen. After moving to Boulder to attend the University of Colorado, she has made Colorado her home for over nearly 14 years. As an avid outdoor enthusiast, you can often find this nature lover hiking or biking on a trail, paddling, surfing, or practicing yoga on the water, camping in the mountains or desert, or exploring her yoga practice outdoors! Mary has taught tots, kids, tween, teen, adaptive, family, & all-ages Yoga since early 2011, and is a certified Kids Yoga teacher, Adaptive Children’s Yoga teacher, 200hr RYT Yoga teacher, a WPA/Paddle Into Fitness Certified SUP and SUP Yoga teacher, and is known for her enthusiasm and positive outlook. The most recent Yoga teacher training she completed was a 200hr training with her teacher Maty Ezraty in New York City for 5 weeks this past August. For Mary, being a student of the practice of yoga is as important as being a teacher. Many describe her energy as contagious, finding her nurturing and patient style of teaching to be welcoming and supportive. She infuses her classes with her grounded yet light-hearted nature. Mary taught yoga classes, workshops, and camps throughout Colorado for Young Warriors, and now teaches for her companies, Adventure Yoga For Kids and Float & Flow Yoga & SUP. She was the lead teacher for Young Warriors ‘Adaptive Yoga For Children (Sensory Processing Challenges)’ workshops for over 2 & 1/2 years, and will be offering the same workshop at her studio in Boulder. She wholeheartedly believes that yoga is for everybody, and is passionate about sharing the gift of yoga with children, teens, families, and adults. 
Fun Fact: “My favorite animal is the Elephant because of how wise they are, how intelligent, emotionally intelligent, and how sensitive they are, the deeper connections, lifelong community, and bonds that they form among their families, and how well and wholeheartedly they care for and protect their families.”


After completing the initial IFSN assessment, Contact Mary at any time to begin discussing how Adventure Yoga for Kids can best support your child.


Mary Susan is very passionate about Adaptive Yoga and it’s countless benefits. Children with learning challenges, motor deficits, and sensory processing challenges can gain much from yoga when it is applied in a therapeutic and adaptive manner. Several known benefits of a yoga practice are increased strength, flexibility, co-ordination, balance and concentration. Yoga can also promote improved posture, trunk and pelvic stability, body awareness, sequencing, respiration, self-esteem and relaxation. These are so very important for a child whose problems stem from weaknesses in one or more of these areas. Therapeutic and Adaptive yoga will help in stimulating various brain centers and strengthening the body. Kids Yoga and Adaptive Yoga also helps foster healthy social interactions between students and teacher, mutual respect for others, and focuses on more mindful approaches and tools to situations we are all confronted with on a daily basis.
Why yoga as a tool or therapy tool? Let’s begin with the basic definition of yoga. Yoga means to “join;” it creates physical well being by joining the mind, body and spirit.
Practicing yoga is an opportunity for adaptive children to feel like a true specialist themselves… specializing in their own joy and spirit. In a Yoga class for the child, the child will be guided to move, focus and relax without judgement. Their innate abilities will be channelled to support their personal development and it is this very empowerment and fostering of self-confidence that is so beneficial and important for children with special needs. The focus is on “I can do”.
So what does one do in a therapeutic or adaptive yoga class? The main areas of focus are: Breathing Exercises & Breathing With Sound, Music Therapy Combined With Movement, Reading/Stories Combined With Movement & Postures, Accessible and Repetitive Kids Yoga Games & Execises, Physical Postures/Asanas, and Relaxation and Guided Meditation In Savasana.
Mary Susan also focuses on teaching families with adaptive children how to translate and take the many tools therapeutic and adaptive yoga provide, home with them to further the benefits of the yoga practices from beyond the studio and the mat.

Classes Offered

Mary Susan Stults provides Yoga, SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding), & SUP Yoga for all ages throughout Colorado and beyond. At her rental studio space in Boulder, she offers classes for all-ages through Adventure Yoga For Kids (AYFK) and Float & Flow | Yoga & SUP. She also teaches Pre-k Yoga, Kids Yoga, and Tween Yoga at schools in Boulder and Denver including Sunshine Early Learning School, & the Denver Green School.
Through Adventure Yoga For Kids she offers weekly Kids Yoga, Tween/Teen, Family, & All-ages Yoga classes, as well as private lessons, monthly Kids Yoga workshops, and periodic special events like ‘Yoga and Art For The Young,’ ‘Adaptive Yoga For Children,’ ‘Parents Night Out-Kids Yoga Night In At AYFK,’ seasonal and summer Yoga camps, and more.
Through her business Float & Flow | Yoga & SUP Mary Susan offers weekly adult Yoga & SUP Yoga classes such as ‘Float & Flow Level I Yoga,’ and ‘Community Yoga,’ as well as private Yoga & SUP lessons, special events, workshops, and yoga retreats in Colorado and abroad.


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