The IFSN Extracurricular Connection Program

Children, teenagers, and young adults with mild to severe disabilities who would like to attend one of the extracurricular classes offered on our website use our program to participate in that extracurricular program. IFSN (specifically the IFSN occupational therapist) supports each participant as they participate in an IFSN partnered extracurricular program or class by adapting the class environment, class structure, number of class participants, and type of instruction. IFSN can also pair neuro-typical peers with participants if they sign up for the Peer Program. The occupational therapist consults with the parent(s) and instructor every month or every other month, depending on the needs of the participant. The occupational therapist also conducts an initial assessment before the participant enters the program and then conducts a progress assessment every three months.

The IFSN Peer Program and Outside the Classroom

Included in the price of the IFSN program is the Peer Program and Outside the Classroom. These programs are designed to provide social opportunities inside (Peer Program) and in varying free-play environments (Outside the Classroom).

The Peer Program

This program provides fewer services than the full extracurricular program. If participants are not interested in receiving all of the IFSN consultation services, but are looking to focus on social skills while participating in an extracurricular activity, can join the Peer Program without joining the full IFSN Extracurricular program. This means that participants can attend classes with another participant or a neuro-typical peer after completing an initial assessment and being recommended to a class.

Outside the Classroom

This program is our most hands-off program. If non-participants are only looking for other peers (with and without disabilities) to socialize with in a free-play environment, they can join Outside the Classroom. This program connects parents who are interested in setting up additional social opportunities and/or play dates for their child. After our Parent Advisor connects parents, it is up to the parents to follow-through with establishing the social opportunities.


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